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International Projects

International Project at SAUM



„Moldova Higher Education Leadership and Management” / MHELM


Coordinator's name: Technical University of Moldova

SAUM coordinator: Elena SCRIPNIC




Wider objective: Support eligible Partner Countries to address the challenges facing their higher education institutions and systems, including those of quality, relevance, equity of access, planning, delivery, managements, governance.

Specific objectives: elaboration of a training program aimed to develop the management of higher education, focused on governance, strategic planning and management, suitable to be delivered in the universities of the Republic of Moldova; training the staff of the universities of Moldova in order to deliver the program of development of management and leadership; creating an infrastructure to support the leadership and management development program.

„ Enhancing capacity of universities to initiate and to participate in clusters development on innovation and sustainability principles” /UniClaD


Coordinator's name: Kauno Kolegija, Lithuania

SAUM coordinator: Elena SCRIPNIC




Wider objective: Development of the potential of universities as an integral part of agro-industrial clusters by the creation of expertise centers as pre-conditions for the development and successful functioning of agro-industrial clusters.

Specific objectives: development of the chain: master - PhD - researcher as a primary part and researcher - projector - executor as a secondary part; sensibilisation of business, local authorities, science and education to the cooperation in the framework of clusters based on win - win principles; enhancing capacities of business, science and education to develop and to work within the cluster (through special trainings and special modules included into master and PhD curricula); implementation of special structural measures at the universities as a base for activities performed within clusters; enhancing of practical value of researches, theses and students' master works as well as students employability;

„Fostering European Integration of the Republic of Moldova with the specific accent on the agriculture sector  ”/ EUAGRO


SAUM coordinator: Elena SIMCIUC




Wider objective: To contribute to the reflection and enhancement of knowledge of target groups on European Union (EU) policies, its processes with particular emphasis on the agriculture field towards Moldova as the most important area for trade relations between EU-MD and to contribute to the acceleration of gradual Moldova’s integration into EU.

Specific objectives: to boost the knowledge and increase the level of familiarisation the areas related to the triangle of knowledge, civil society organization on EU policies, in general, and toward MD, in particular, with the main focus on agricultural policy and its mechanisms towards Moldova; to foster cooperation between academic world, policy makers, civil society and youth regarding the EU policies with the main focus on agricultural policy; to increase knowledge of the target groups on the progress achieved by Moldova within WTO by signing Association Agreement (AA); to integrate students who are not automatically come into contact with EU integration studies and to increase their understanding of the integration process of Moldova into EU space within ENP and EaP, AA by realising the interuniversity training seminars; to promote involvement in a public policy dialogue regarding agricultural integration of Moldova’s products into EU market; to improve understanding within the EU of the actual development problems and tendencies on EU policies with the main focus on agricultural policy and its mechanisms towards Moldova.

„Reinforce entrepreneurial and digital skills of students and teachers to enhance the modernization of higher education in MOLDOVA”/ ReSTART


Coordinator's name: Politechnical University of Bucharest, Romania

SAUM coordinator: Aurelia LITVIN




Wider objective: to develop curricula based on internationalization, strategic partnerships and innovative cooperation through digital learning. Our goal will mainstream and upgrade entrepreneurship and digital learning needs of students, teachers and local businesses from a wide geographical coverage of northern, central and southern parts of Moldova country.

Specific objectives: assessing entrepreneurship and digital learning needs of students, teachers and local businesses from education, business, research and civil society; modernizing entrepreneurship education in five Moldova universities in line with European Union best practices, by capturing local market expectations and capitalizing ICT-method, blended teaching and learning activities; expending the potential of innovative and updated education based on institutionalization the entrepreneurial curriculum in partners’ universities from

northern, central and southern parts of Moldova country; harnessing transnational knowledge exchanges and promoting entrepreneurial knowledge co-creation to drive innovation and to stimulate local business market from northern, central and southern parts of Moldova country.

„Fostering university-enterprise cooperation and entrepreneurship of students via SMART Caffes/SMART ” /SMART

(nr. 585620-EPP-1-2017-1-EL-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP)

Coordinator's name: International Hellenic University Thessaloniki, Greece

SAUM coordinator: Elena SIMCIUC




Wider objective: To enhance innovativeness of companies & advance employment & self-employment potential of graduates from Eastern Partnership countries by fostering students’ entrepreneurship, creation of business start-ups at university settings and open innovation in collaboration between universities and enterprises.

Specific objectives: to set up, equip and network co-creative centres (SMART Caffes) which support students & researchers to generate, develop, market & commercialize their own innovative ideas through entrepreneurship &/or open innovation in three EaPC countries; to foster students’ entrepreneurship and creation of start-ups at university settings; to introduce and implement open innovation as a new form of partnership among key stakeholders in knowledge triangle in the region; to revise and adapt curricula to include entrepreneurial skills and problem-based learning.

„ Improving skills in laboratory practice for agro-food specialists in eastern Europe ”/AG-LAB

(nr. 586383-EPP-1-2017-1 SI EPPKA2-CBHE-JP)

Coordinator's name : University of Ljubljana

SAUM coordinator: Elena SCRIPNIC


AG Lab


Wider objective: To improve the quality control of agro-food products in the three recently associated EU member countries by improving upon the training of their specialists. The project deals with the part of the Agreement related to food and agricultural products safety which can be ensured through appropriate laboratory control of EU legislation and standards.

The project will create 4 specialized courses dedicated to laboratory practice in agro-food sector: veterinary medicine, agronomy, animal husbandry and food technologies;

elaborate training courses and obtained necessary competences for students and laboratory staff ; train teacher teams ; created tools for cooperative teaching with the participation of universities and acting laboratory staff.

„ Elevating the internationalisation of higher education in Moldova”/ELEVATE


Coordinator's name : Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova

SAUM coordinator: Elena SCRIPNIC


elevate logo


Wider objective: Strengthening the role of Moldovan HEIs within European Higher Education Area and European Research Area through building up of comprehensive internationalization of higher education in Moldova in order to enhance the quality of education and research, mobility and services, and to make meaningful contribution to society.

Specific objectives: To develop and advance national legislative which will elevate the process of internationalisation of Moldovan higher education and research; to build the university integrative function through institutional policies for the internationalisation of education, research, mobility and services; to enhance institutional capacities for effective participation in large-scale international collaborations.

„Educational for Drone „ / E-Drone

(nr 574090-EPP-1-2016-1-IT-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP)

Coordinator's name : University of Sannio, Italy

SAUM coordinator: Oleg STIOPCA


Wider objective: To define a learning environment to deliver more opportunities to access new competences related to the use of drone technologies in professional activities. These new competences refer in particular to the use of advanced ICT solutions for the use of drones and of the data acquired through drones that may go a long way towards the goals and priorities in terms of optimization of the professional competences, that have already been stated in the Social-economic Development Strategy 2020 of all the Partner Countries, and in terms of creating new job opportunities, especially for youth that is strongly encouraged by Europe 2020 strategy as stated in the European Commission Communication „Youth on the Move”.

: to provide higher education institutions in the Partner Countries with effective and efficient instruments to setup Offices for Education for Drones (OED), for the transferring of all the above mentioned knowledges to professionals of each Partner Country. Moreover, the project aims at realizing an innovative ICT-based infrastructure employing enhanced technologies and methodologies allowing all the Partner Countries to create a network for sharing educational contents and databases to professionals. Such infrastructure will be used to support OED in the technological and scientific transfer to professionals. The Programmer Countries will transfer their know-how and expertise for the achievement of the eDrone objectives by training the future teachers of the OED and by supporting them in the first edition of the OED.

„Strengthening Knowledge Management for Greater Development Effectiveness in the Near East, North Africa, Central Asia and Europe ” /SKiM

Coordinator's name : IFAD, ICARDA



Wider objective: to develop effective and long-term knowledge management-related capacities in target countries. This will be undertaken through effective knowledge generation and sharing approaches that ensure improved knowledge management and results measurement for rural poverty reduction.

Specific objectives: assessing capacity and enhancing knowledge management skills of key rural institutions and other stakeholders in Moldova, Morocco, Sudan (with the possibility of adding two more countries); fostering and promoting knowledge exchange in-country, cross-country and across trans-regional partners to foster knowledge uptake, transfer and management.


In October, 2013,
State Agrarian University of Moldova was conferred the highest state distinction 
"The Order of the Republic".


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